Hot Pursuit Cycles hits the Devondirt Cycle Ride

Last Sunday a group of over 15 riders under the name of “Team Hot Pursuits” had a blast at the Devon Dirt 65km off road cycle ride. The team ranged from family and friends but also  the majority of Hot Pursuits staff were out for a hard days riding. We had brilliant weather throughout the day with some patches of rain but it was not enough to put a dampener on the ride. The route ranged from steep hills and brilliant descents, including our favourite and well known “The Nutcracker” which we had particular enjoyment showing the CTC boys how its done. Hopefully we will have recovered for next year, for now check out some pictures of the days events below…

The Boss, Chris Berry enjoying a quick nap, right at the start of the event. Nice one Dad.

Joe Collier, K-Town mechanic and top roadie. Enjoying a real bike for once!