Dartmoor Classic 2011

Only three guys from the shop entered the Dartmoor Classic this year, myself (Greg), Joe and Phil. The event was an absolute cracker and smiles/sunshine was all round.The three of us met at the Kingsteignton shop early Sunday morning, geared up, then headed over to the start as early as possible so we could get away whilst the weather was still cool. All of us were in the same pen to begin with, then on the start we all set about at our own paces. Climbing up out of Manaton was nice and cool, as the mist was still down across the Moor. The next major point was Holne Chase Hill, which was carnage! There were cars breaking down, riders breaking down and one very stressed marshall. Heading across the Moor I saw a familiar person in front of me and I was eager to catch the person up. By the time I caught them up I realised it was Joe my work colleague and he was not happy, one bit. But after he saw me that was it, he was off like a rocket and gone. Next was Princetown where we stopped off for a quick refuel and breather. Then it was back to the open Moor, heading up to Moretonhampstead. Then came the worst part of my ride, Doccombe. What a killer climb, even so I had a little lean over in a hedge half way up before carrying on! After that though it was a tough spin down the Teign Valley road, onto the clay pits and home across the finish line. Myself received a bronze medal (5 hours 15 minutes). Joe and Phil however received gold with Joe on a (4 hours 29 minutes and 53 seconds!) he just made it! Then Phil had a brilliant ride and did a 4 hours and 1 minute. Check out this photo of Joe on the podium with his medal and maybe see you next year.