Bontrager Twentyfour12 2011

Hot Pursuit Cycles had a few teams riding at the 2011 Bontrager Twentyfour12 at Newnham Park Plymouth. Myself and Greg were riding 12 hour pairs, “Darren and Greg riding along in Hot Pursuit”. Mark and Bam mixed pairs 12 hour, “Squiggles and Donkles in Hot Pursuit”. Tony and Yodry, team ” TY”. We also had Paul riding 24 hour solo and shop regular Andy 12 hour solo. I’ve previously raced as a team of 5 for 24 hours, so 12 hours should be easier, right?! Er, no. It was fairly tough, but good fun and a great course. One problem, Greg had to work Saturday! Iwould ride from 12 lunch time to around 6.30pm, and then Greg would ride untill the finish at midnight. Its definitely tougher on the body lap after lap, and now have great respect for all the 12 and 24 solo riders. Darren on the first climb for the second time. Then news arrived that Greg had arrived. Yes! One happy man. Greg was fuelled  up on his favourite cider and headed out for his laps. Considering this was his first xc enduro style race, second ride on spds and on a 4X bike he rode some storming laps. We had some great help at our pit area, Steve, Alan and Bams Mum Angie, who every year supplies the pasties! Big thank you to you all. Greg also on the first climb for the second time. Three team riders on the first climb. Tony, Paul and Mark (From left to right). Photo was pulled as a still from our GoPro camera. Have a look at our photos and GoPro footage at the bottom of the page.  We all had a great race and will defintely be back for another year. Paul clocked up 14 laps, Andy 8 laps, Team TY 12 laps, Squiggles and Donkel 10 laps and Darren and Greg 7 laps. Can’t wait for next year.. . Group photo. Bontrager were convinced we wouldn’t all fit in. Video from our weekend. Including our camp and the best bits of Darren’s first lap. Missed the race? Then you can check out the entire 8 and half mile track squashed into 4 minutes!