Hope bars and grips from Core Bike Show.

Hope always come up with new goodies at Core Bike Show and are our favourite display at the show. This year was no different and we were more than surprised when we saw these beauties below…

Now some of you maybe disappointed to know that on the bars Hope are actually going against there ethos and these bars are not being made in the UK but instead in a factory far east of the Hope Mill in Barnoldswick. As you can see the bars maintain quite fat from the stem clamp all the way up to the brake/shifter markings (great idea), this is maintain a really stiff bar as they are designed for aggressive riding and can only be cut down to about 730mm to maintain their strength. Should be available early summer.

The grips however are made in the UK and have a few neat features. The rubber grip covers over the lock on collars so you have a completely rubber surface instead of metal colours on each end. They are pinch bolted at both ends and have removable CNC’d end caps, so you can use Hope bar plugs if wanted. Should be available sometime in March. (You may also notice in the background that yes those are Hope press fit BBs coming soon!)