Bike Park Wales – 03/11/2013

This past weekend myself (Greg), Phil from Totnes, Darren from K-Town and good mates Matt & Woody, took a trip up to South Wales to the Bikepark Wales located just outside of Merthyr Tydfil.

The bike park has been open for a few months now and after I experienced it on the downhill bike for the Welsh champs and saw the amount of trail riding there on offer, I was anxious to go back on the short travel bike. The park is based around a gravity style of riding with one climb up and a whole heap of trails to come back down, ranging from green trails to black. We spent most of the day riding the blues, which are really fun on a trail bike lots of berms and jumps pumping down the Welsh hillside.

The centre, complete with cafe, bike shop and washing facilities.

The climb up is quite tough and probably about 20-30 mins long, by the second run we noticed that most of the regulars opted to ride up the fireroad that runs next to climb, which is a lot quick and easier. But with a full uplift system in place, next time we go up we are defiantly considering taking advantage of that as the most I have heard is someone getting up to 16 runs!

Top of the climb, with trails heading in all directions.

A great place to ride if you love your descending, not so much if you want to go for a long trail loop but I am sure with the development thats going in that will be one of the next features. But a defiant recommendation to go check out.

Matt, Woody, Phil and Darren. All relieved at the top of the long climb.