Celebrating opening of the new road. Competition results!

On Friday we helped celebrate the opening of the new road just above our Kingsteignton shop by running a bike display and competition along with some of our other local retailers. We ran a guess the weight competition for the local school kids on two bikes, with 3 helmets up for grabs on who could guess the weight on bike 1, 2 and the combined weight of both. See if you guessed correct below!

Bike 1: Congratulations to Mia Hatzer you guessed the correct weight of bike 1 at 12.5kg.

Bike 2: Congratulations to Jim Cole you guessed the correct weight of bike 2 also at 12.5kg.

And for the combined well done to Ollie Smith who guessed the closest weight of 25.2kg!

You have each won a free helmet pop into our Kingsteignton store to collect.