Here at Hot Pursuit Cycles we are excited to now be able to offer a full bike fitting service! Greg is a qualified level 1 Specialized Body Geometry Fit technicians and have the relevant experience for setting up people on road bikes.

Suffering from back ache or knee ache? Or just wanting to make sure you have your bike correctly setup from everything to your seat height and cleat position?! Then a Body Geometry Bike Fit is the answer for your troubles!

The purpose of the service is to setup you and your bike to the most ideal optimal position, meaning you can ride faster for longer! The service is broken down into two parts, first part being a pre fit bodily structural assessment where we analyse your body structure to relate you to your bike setup. Then for them most part of the session you are on the turbo trainer setting up your bike, the service is very thorough and takes around 3 hours.

The cost is £150 for the full 3 hour session (not including parts!) and to get the full benefit of the Bike Fit experience you must be open to equipment recommendation changes, stems, saddles, footbeds etc. All you are required to bring is your bike, shoes and cycling clothing, we provide the rest (water, towels etc).

Contact Greg now on 01626 354082 to book your session or have any further questions.

Bike Fit - Hot Pursuit Cycles
Bike Fit - Hot Pursuit Cycles