Here at Hot Pursuit Cycles we have been selling electric assisted bicycles for 17 years, we are now at the point of having eBike dedicated areas in our shops with a full line up to cater for everyone. Our range consists of models from Specialized, Giant, Cannondale and Tern, in hybrid, road and mountain bike styles.

Electric bicycles are great way to keep cycling with the assistance of a motor and with todays modern day technology the bikes are no longer ridiculously heavy with poor run time.

Typically on economy mode our models will have a range of up to 80km (dependent of terrain), allowing for a whole lot of cycling! The bikes can also be pedalled without the assistance so in the unfortunate event that you do run out of power, you are not stuck with a no moving bicycle.

All of our models are electrical assisted not driven, meaning that you still have to put some effort in! They feel effortless though as when your pedalling the motor is provided a nice assisting feel but at the same time when not pedalling the motor is not pulling you along. The electric motor won’t go any faster than 28kph to comply with UK motoring laws.

You can view our range of electric bikes on the tab on the left side of the page, models reading ‘In Stock’ are models we have in either store so please call to find the store with the bike you are interested. Other models will be available to order in upon demand. For more information though, please feel free to come into our shops where we can assist you with any information you require.

Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized offer a fantastic range of electric bikes anything from a trail destroying Turbo Levo to a reliable daily commuter being the Turbo Vado. All Specialized bikes utilise a Brose motor which prides itself on being one of the smoothest and quietest motors on the market. Specialized Brose motors all have a max output of 250W with varying torque outputs depending on the model. The batteries range from 400Wh to a whooping 700Wh on some of the Turbo Levo models. Using Specialized technology, the Turbo range features a bespoke Mission Control smartphone app that allows riders the ability to tune their bike to their preference. No longer are you limited to the power settings of stock on the bike, you can tune your Eco, Trail and Turbo modes to the exact power percentage you like.

Giant Electric Bikes

Giant were one of first brands to really embrace electric bikes, thus have developed a brilliant range of powerful yet reliable bikes. Giant partnered with Yamaha to product their SyncDrive motor, in which they offer three variants. Life, Active and Pro, typically these range in torque output to perfectly match with the style of riding and bike you’re purchasing.

The SyncDrive motors feature Giant’s Smart Assist technology, which measures the amount power being applied to the pedals so the motor can replicate a natural riding style. Like Specialized, Giant also offers their RideControl smartphone app for tunebilty and navigation.

Tern Electric Bikes

With Tern we are stocking their multi test winning folding electric bike, the Vektron! The Vektron is not just perfect for taking on public transport when commuting but also great for just placing in the boot of most cars for easy transport. Thanks to Tern’s smart design the Vektron can be used by the whole family, with its tool-less adjustable handlebars and seat post, the Vektron will fit riders between 4’10” and 6’5”. All of the Vektron range use the ever reliable Bosch motor system, with a 400Wh battery pack.

Urban Arrow Electric Bikes

Urban Arrow is a innovate electric cargo bike brand based in Amsterdam. They set out in 2010 with the goal of creating an adaptable and efficient electric cargo bike. Their end product is a beautifully designed piece of engineering that can be tailored to your very needs. Wether it is zipping around with the kids bundled in their family specific seats or a just a flat bed space where you can get creative to suit your needs. Urban Arrow is looking towards the future of a greener lifestyle, ditching your car and working via your bike!

Urban Arrow
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